Buenos Aires, Argentina

It might be a good idea to do at least 1/2 day of sightseeing to give you a good overview of different places around the city, and get some other tips. If not, some of the self-guided tours suggested on the website I sent you, such as Puerto Madero, Recoleta, San Telmo, Caminito in La Boca, etc, will make it.

Neighborhoods to visit: 
– La Boca – Caminito (Pedestrian Street with colored houses) 
– Recoleta 
– San Telmo – Tango Houses

Puerto Madero Tigre (the island north from Buenos Aires) This might be a whole day trip.
You can take the “Tren de la Costa” from Olivos to Tigre, visit el “Puerto de Frutos” (street market) and then take a boat to the island. There are many restaurants in the island where you can have lunch and then return in the afternoon.

Neighborhoods with nice restaurants & bars: 
– Recoleta 
– Puerto Madero 
– Palermo Hollywood 
– Las Canitas 

Some Shopping Malls where you will find boutiques, food courts, etc.: 
– Galerias Pacifico 
– Patio Bullrich 
– Alto Palermo 

Street shopping:
The intersection of Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida Callao is a nice area to walk and shop.
In Florida – pedestrian street – there are a lot of shops too as well as Lavalle, another pedestrian street.

– Cabania Las Lilas – Meat
– La Caballeriza – Meat 
– El Mirasol – Meat 
– La Parolaccia / La Parolaccia di Mare – Pasta & Fish 
– Pizza Cero – Pizza & Pasta 

– Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes 
It was opened on December 25 1896; its collection includes international and national works of art. It has works by Tiépolo, Greco, Goya, Rodin, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, De Chirico, Kandinsky, Picasso, and Tàpies. As regards Argentine art: pieces by Morel, Pueyrredón, de la Cárcova, Sívori, Malharro, Fader, Guttero, Curatella Manes, Petorutti, Quinquela Martín, Berni, Spilimbergo, Deira, Distéfano, Alonso, Benedit and Seguí, among others. 

Bars / Pubs:
– The Kilkeny Bar, Downtown
– Matias: Happy Hours, late music, specially on weekdays
– Irish pubs in Reconquista Street
– Henry Beans – Recoleta 
– Spell Café – Puerto Madero

Restaurants / Discos:
– Food, Drinks, Music 
(Dancing might start late: 2 AM or later…) 
– Buenos Aires News – Palermo 
– La Diosa – Costanera Norte 
– Asia de Cuba – Puerto Madero 

– Taxi’s – They can be requested by phone or you may call them on the street. Radiotaxis (provided with radio systems) are considered safer. There is a great number of taxis in the city – getting a taxi near the tourist areas is easy at any time of day or night. Usually, you will wait for no longer than a few minutes. Taxis can be easily recognized by their colors – black and yellow. In addition, a red light on the taximeter indicates that they are available.
– Remises – They are a sort of limo service that you request by phone to the numerous agencies spread out in the city. These cars are not identified with a special color. The minimum fare is between $ 3 and $ 4; the total fare varies according to the kilometers covered and time elapsed. 

In general, be as careful as you should be when visiting any Latin American country. Watch your purse, don’t get street cabs (see Transportation above), and ask at the hotel if some places you are planning to visit are safe at night, etc.
Besides these general warnings so you can have a safe stay, have fun!

Top Experiences

  • Plaza Dorrego

    where the unmissable Sunday antiques fair takes place.

  • San Telmo

    grab a steak at La Brigada (tel: 4361 4685; Estados Unidos 465), San Telmo’s best parrilla (grill).

  • Palermo Soho
  • Recoletta