Sounds of Armenia…Some sad, some full of hope, joy…listening to these sounds with Ararat Mountain (Ağrı Dağı) in the background over to the Turkish side, music taking us to the past, to the history of living together for thousands of years.. now Ararat standing in the middle, I am looking at it from this side, from the Armenian perspective.. the mountain looks can only know and feel when standing in other’s shoes.. feeling sad for all that happened in the history, all that divided these 2 nations that are in reality so close… in reality, only Ararat standing in between…Ararat, Ağrı; not ours, not theirs, our mountain.

Top Experiences

  • Garni
  • Geghard
  • Sevanavank
  • Khor Virap Monastries
  • Sevan Lake
  • Zvartnots
  • Yerevan