Today I am from Azerbaijan

spending a week in Corfu, as I was just started thinking Greeks are the closest to Turkish culture, I have found my deep Turkish roots in Azerbaijan- a country where people speak my language, with an accent resembling my grandma’s, eat the food that brings childhood tastes back, where people walk the same way, talk the same way. The more I explore the world, the more meaningless the question of “where are you from?” becomes. I found bits of me in Albania, Bosnia, Crotia, Lebanon, Italy, lots of me in Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan… sometimes found big distances in Turkey, sometimes found very close thoughts in NYC or in Amsterdam… where am I really from? Where are we really from? Is there such a thing as “being from someplace”… we are all a result of thousands of years of moving, exchanging, embracing, living together, changing borders, creating borders, unifying, learning from one another, giving our words, taking others’ words.. today I speak the same words with these people… today I am from Azerbaijan!

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