Costa Rica

Before all the Americans came…

I made it just in time…or maybe a little too late actually..It was the time we have heard of this natural paradise with lush forests, virgin beaches, wild waves to surf.. when it was still the land of costa Ricans, when you had to speak Spanish to go around, when you could find a local driver to take you around for a few dollars, when you could pick your own coconut from the trees, when you could wash under a water fall in the middle of a forest where there was no one, when you could go zip line all by yourself or with a few other backpackers, lost souls.

Even then I heard the locals and the European who got there first to start a hotel or a restaurant saying “it is getting expensive, it is getting crowded already. Americans heard of this place…” And I heard some saying “we should go to Nicaragua when it is not too late, before it becomes like Costa Rica”

Then it was too late, they heard of the place, they came, they came in messes…the spring break college crowd, the families during school holidays, the less adventurous, the nature lovers, the ones that dares to fly a few miles south of Florida, they came, they came in messes…

And the a few adventure travelers, a few backpackers, a few lost souls all moved out, they moved to Nicaragua, to Guatemala, to El Salvador…and some stayed, some lived there, some made it home…

Now the whole world knows about Costa Rica. The whole world discovered the natural paradise. But a few of us knew it when it was a real paradise, before all the Americans came.

February 2006

Possible Itineraries

  • Fly into San Jose, go to west coast to Manuel Antonio National Park, go north to Arenal Volcano, Monte Verde Cloud Forest
  • Fly into San Jose, go to east coast to Tortuguero, Puerto Viejo
  • Or fly into Liberia, explore Guanacaste National Park, Santa Rosa, Tamarindo beaches
  • From San Jose to Guanacaste, take a bus to Tamarindo
  • Some of the favorite beaches in Guanacaste area, in addition to Tamarindo, are: Malpais, Santa Teresa, Roca Bruja, Montezuma,  Samara, Flamingo

Top Experiences

  • Manuel Antonio beach
  • La Paz Waterfall Gardens
  • Zip line in San Jose Rainforest
  • Corcovado National Park
  • Arenal Volcano
  • Surf at Playa Jaco, Tamarindo beach or Hermosa beach