Regardless of the high crime rate, why I have an itch to go to El Salvador?

I need to go El Salvador, I cannot skip it.

Maybe because I almost did, years ago, in early 2000. I had a ticket from JFK to San Salvador but my flight was cancelled and it was one of those long weekend plus type of holidays. There qs only one flight per day, and I didn’t want to go back home and lose a vacation day. I asked where else in the neighbourhood they had a flight within a few hours, they said to Guatemala. I said that is fine as well. I was planned to move to Guatemala after El Salvador anyhow. I thought I would go another time, soon to El Salvador.

15 years have passed and it is the only white spot on the map around North, Central and South America. I need to go, maybe because I have been to everywhere else except El Salvador. The time for El Salvador has never come. And as years passed it became more dangerous. First there was the civil war, then the unrest afterwards, then the crimes, gang violence…I kept reading that it is one of the highest crime rates in the world.

I need to go, maybe because it is the country I skipped and it is one of the countries not many people have been to or know about. All travel sites advise against going there. But I have read similar things about Venezuela, North Korea, Mynmar…but they were all just fine. Maybe I need to see it for myself, rather than following other people’s opinion.

I need to go….Soon…follow me on my blog!

March 2018

  • Check out the town of Suchitoto and stay a night or two at Los Almendros, a gorgeous colonial hotel with a pool.
  • Enjoy the Ruta de Flores and the Pacific beaches.
  • There is plenty to learn about the civil war and liberation theology (Father Oscar Romero assisinated while saying mass) in San Salvador.

Top Experiences

  • San Salvador (capital)
  • Suchitoto (colonial town)
  • Ruta de Flores
  • Eat Pupusas: tortillas stuffed with cheese, beans, chicharrones (fried pork skin), and/or vegetables. Top them with tomato sauce and a spicy jalapeño slaw. Costs 50 cents to $1 each!
  • Pacific beaches: Playa El Tunco (beach town, surfing, caves)