Once Upon a Time Piccolo Roma, nowadays North Korea of Africa

Top Experiences

  • Asmara: Have a cappucino at one of the old Italian cafes. Or go for a Pizza or Pasta dinner

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  • Massawa: stoll in the old town watching the once amazing buildings, nowadays ruins

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  • Masawa: hire a boat and swim, snorkel or go for scuba diving, in the turquoise waters, farasan islands. Stroll the dark alleys at night to see the different side of this port town: the sailors, truck drivers, working girls...

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  • Keren: Sing and dance with the local women in the festival of Mariam Dearit, on May 29th every year
  • Nefasit: take the steam train that is from the Italian colonial times. Visit all the small villages up on the mountains while the train is re-loading water
  • Visit the old tank and car graveyard to cmib up the messive piles of military hardware, italian, soviet and american cars, soviet aircraft, train carriages in this immense junkyard
  • Qohaito Canyon: hike the canyon, visit the cave arts, egyptian tombs