Double personality disorder of Fiji… a bit of paradise and a bit of reality (first two pictures) for those travelers who dares to see what lies ‘beyond the resort life’ or the ‘promised paradise’ marketed on honeymoon brochures!

November 2017

Double Personality Disorder of the Exotic Destinations 

We all want to be in a paradise. We dream, we book, we pay. It is promised to us. All the pictures we see on internet is the face of an exotic paradise with smiling people, palm trees, turquoise waters, white sand beaches. We dream that everybody is happy on that island. And if we take a taxi or the pick-up service arranged by the resort, wew for sure arrive to the promised paradise. When we come back home and somebody asks “how was Fiji?” we answer “it was great, just like a paradise”. But for some of us who dares to take the public bus, let’s say from Suva bus terminal, instead of flying directly to Nadi – the land of beach resorts – we face a surprise. The barefoot children, dirty roads with garbage on the sides, poor ladies commuting few hrs each way for 4.66 Fiji $, perhaps everyday to work with crying babies on their laps, jobless, aimless young men approaching you for reasons they also don’t know, just because you are a foreigner, a tourist and someone who had enough money to come all the way. The reality of the ‘paradise island’ slaps you on the face en route to your beach resort.

Fiji advertised heavily for weddings, honeymooners, for sure is a paradise with its nature. But that’s the personality of the good side. The bus terminal at Suva is the personality that shows up not often, not to everyone and surely not on the honeymoon advertisements.

I am also here to experience a piece of the paradise but as an opinionated traveler, I have to experience the personality we all avoid. When I reach to my beach side hotel, I still shiver with the bad personality I got to see. The double personality disorder of Fiji, like many other similar exotic destinations, take me off balance, like walking on an unavoidable bridge from the paradise to the hell.

6 November 2017

Top Experiences

  • Mananuca Islands

    From Denarau port in Nadi: a day trip with south sea cruises to one of the Mananuca Islands. South Sea island is the closest and half a day tour is possible as well. Scuba diving in south sea island pat the Sea eel, Helen who lives 12 meters down there.

  • Yasawa Islands

    Scenic flight to Yasawa Islands and spend the day there.

  • Malamala beach club

    for a day of luxury and away from the fried chicken eating crowd.

  • Pacific Harbour area

    From Suva: one hour bus ride to Pacific Harbour area to stay in one of the resorts or hostels / backpackers which will already offer similar facilities to a resort at a fraction of a price (i.e. uprising beach resort is fantastic and costs 49 Fiji dollar per night for a dorm bed in the space dorm room where there was hardly anyone during off season). 

  • Diving with the sharks

    (no good reef diving) in pacific harbor area.

  • Eat Kokoda

    a national dish made up of raw marinated fish in coconut cream – kind of like ceviche.