You may recall Kuwait from the Gulf War or any of the following words may make you think of Kuwait: petrol, Kuwait Towers, next to UAE, American base in the Gulf…or may be not…

This small Gulf country has very little to offer to a tourist…an afternoon would suffice to see what is there to be seen. One of the few sites to visit may be closed with no obvious reason even though the visiting hours are posted on the internet (Mirror House Museum) or have limited visiting hours (Grand Mosque) or even taking pictures may not be allowed (Palace of the Emir of Kuwait). So you ma end up just strolling in Mubarakiya Market, eat some kebap, got up to the Observation Deck on the 120th floor of the Kuwait Towers and feel you are done with the Kuwait City or done with the country.

If you are not in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with an extra day to spare to go see some new country, I would not recommend this as a holiday destination. Nevertheless, it is another country and it is nice to see that a single woman can stroll the streets alone without having to wear headcover or dress too conservatively in the 40-45C heat where local women are mostly in black abaya (over-garment covering most parts of the body) and burqa and men are in thwab (an ankle-length white cotton shirt) or standard western clothes.

May 2018

Top Experiences

  • Kuwait Towers: Go up to the 120th floor

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  • Grand Mosque

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  • Mubarkiya Market

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  • Liberty Tower
  • Mirror House Museum
  • Murgab Mosque
  • Bayan Palace: palace of the Emir of Kuwait