The old, the new, the broken, the mixed, the separated, the mingled, the isolated, the assimilated, the suffered, and the rejuvenated all together in Beirut. 

Top Experiences

  • American university of Beirut with the best views, overlooking the sea
  • Hamra street in Beirut
  • Stoll or cycle or site at a cafe at Corniche in Beirut
  • Saint George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, next to Grand Omari Mosque
  • Beirut Central District (old town) with beautiful yellow stone buildings, luxirious shops and restaurants. As you stroll the handsome streets, imagine why it this city was called "Paris of the Middle East"
  • Try one of the bach clubs: Saint George Yatch Cub & Marina, Riviera Hotel
  • Visit the old Holiday Inn Hotel in Beirut where Battle of the Hotels took place during Lebanese Civil War (1975-77). The hotel complex lies between Jounblatt and Minet el-Hosn quarters close by Corniche