Sightseeing in Bucharest

Once you have ticked off Old Town, you can head for the sights, museums, churches and buildings we list here. 
The Peasant and Village Museums should take priority, as well as the Grigore Antipa National History Museum. 

While still the most famous building in the city and usually top of the agenda for most visitors, Casa Poporului/Palatul Parlamentului tends to be a bit of a let down for most, mainly due to the stilted nature of the compulsory guided tour.

Art lovers – especially fans of religious art – should pencil in at least an afternoon at the National Art Museum. 

Last but not least, half a day at the Bellu Cemetery is a wonderful trip through Romanian literary, artistic, political and architectural history.

Restaurants, Cafes and Bars:
If you are staying in Lipscani, it is a good idea to walk around and enjoy the many cafes and bars it has to offer. One restaurant you should not miss for a dinneris Caru cu Bere (= the beer carriage) as it offers really good Romanian traditional dishes.


– Club Bamboo
Super fitze club where only the best looking and the best dressed stand any chance of getting in. If you can blag your way past the staff you will enter a world where poverty is a dirty word: only the richest Romanians come here, and their dress sense is as good or bad as you can imagine depending on your taste. Music is clubby, friendly house, loud enough to dance to but mellow enough to permit conversation. Always has loads of PAs from decent acts as well of plenty of live entertainment from a touch of cabaret to seriously underdressed ladies dancing on the stage. Dom Perignon Blanc is 3200 lei a bottle.
Str. Tuzla 50
(+4) 0726 22 6266
(+4) 0723 22 62 66

– Finnish Cocktail & Club
A little more chic and upmarket than most other placesin the Old Town, Finnish is a cocktail bar and club which brings a little contemporary Scandinavian design to the Romanian capital. The house drink is of course Finlandia vodka, available in more varieties than you ever thought possible, but there is more to this place than vodka: cocktails, wine, champagne and beer. They even have Guinness on draught. The music – usually provided by a DJ – is as contemporary and as good as the design, the crowd is a trendy one and we defy you not to enjoy yourself here.
Str. Selari 2
(+4) 0753 57 8209

– Fratelli
Top notch. One of Bucharest’s uber-clubs, where the richest and best looking people in the city come to see and be seen. Serving up a neverending supply of top DJs from both Romania and abroad, it is clear that the people who run this place consider the music to be as important as anything else: something not every club in this town can boast. Not cheap (kind of the point) if you stick to the
beer and do not sit at a table (which requires you buy a bottle of spirits) then you can still have a reasonably priced night out here. Brilliant.
Str. Glodeni 1-3
(+4) 0731 03 62 22

– Freddo (restaurant / bar)
The biggest, boldest place on Strada Smardan. Smart too: when it started raining we were about to run for cover only for the roof to be extended, keeping us all dry.
Impressive. Now get there and enjoy sound cocktails, pizza and decent salads: and note you can enjoy it all at proper, big wooden tables. You might want to reserve at the weekends: this place is damn popular.
Str. Smardan 24
(+4) 0722 37 33 36

– La Muse
Last time we popped in we met up with almost everyone we know in Bucharest. That’s the kind of place this is: on the surface it looks posh and flash and out-of-your-league (the lady at the entrance clutches a clipboard as though her life depends on it) but it is in fact a down-to-earth, come-as-you-are venue playing dance floor hits from across the decades to a crowd a bit older than elsewhere, which can afford the prices of the drinks. We love it.
Str. Lipscani 53
(+4) 0734 00 02 36
(+4) 0745 02 42 17

– Player Club
The concept at super-club Player this is subtly different to last year, and the place has been given a thorough makeover to keep it sparkling and at the cutting edge of the Bucharest nightlife scene: honestly, if it’s top people and top sounds you want in an exclusive setting then this should be your first stop in the city. Boasts the sexiest dancers, the best DJs – often as many as four top names in one night – and is guaranteed to leave you bleary-eyed the next morning and wanting more. We should also point out that the attitude is a bit more relaxed here than that at some of the other uber-clubs: just how we like it. Get in.
Str. Primo Nebiolo 1, Piata Montreal
(+4) 0720 73 47 34
(+4) 0737 73 73 34

– The Vault
Smooth. Smooth people, smooth vibes and smooth cocktails. We love the (long) nights we spend in this place, not least because you never know what to expect on the music front: it could be a night of pop, a night of disco classics, a night of indie beats or a night of up-to-the-minute clubby sounds. We suggest you take a chance and delve inside. Chances are you will enjoy yourself.
Str. Lipscani 29-33
(+4) 0723 19 99 77

Top Experiences

  • Ceausescu’s Palace

    the 2nd largest civil building after Pentagon. It tells the story of communism and our sacrificesto build this enormous vision our dictator had. 

  • Ateneul Roman

    it’s a concert hall, I love it! See if you can go to a concert there, the acoustic is great.

  • CEC Palace

    this is in Lipscani. I love the architecture of this building.