Today I saw where Puskin wrote, where Tchaikovsky played and where Dostoyevsky and Tchaikovsky were buried…

Got a ticket for Jewel ballet in the famous Mariinsky Opera Theatre in St Petersburg.

June 2012


* GQ bar
* Soho
* Balkon

Cafes and restaurants:
* Have a coffee at Bosco café, overlooking Red Square
* Nidalni Vostok restaurant
* Café Pushkin: very nice historic interior. Also a good place to eat.
* Generally Asian food is good in Moscow. Try Uzbek restaurant.

– From the airport, there is a train every half hour to Beloruskaya Vagzal. It takes about 35 min. Or take aero express to Kievskie Vagzal.
– There are 7 skyscrapers in the city called Stalınskaya Vsodka. These are built at the time of Stalin. In 2 of them, people live in. Close to Kremlin, by the Moscow River

Top Experiences

  • Puskin museum
  • Kremlin
  • Red Square
  • GUM shopping center. Old building, nice interior.