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Dear New York…

I stared at you last night, I tried to remember how you felt, how you smelled. I thought about the 15 yrs we spent together..every corner of you feels familiar..I had my distance from you for a while, now I can appreciate you again…I think I still like you. I am who I am also because of what you had given me during those 15 yrs..there were times I was also a part of the game…years full of youth, energy, ambition, striving for better, then even better things, horrible jobs, then good jobs where I felt anything is possible, like a true American dream, also though times where it makes you feel like a true immigrant, then the times you feel you are from here like everybody else, like there is no immigrant here. Then there were the temporary friendships, but also lifelong friendships, exciting, promising loves, come and go infatuations, though relationships, break-ups, new starts…life…fast pace life..there were times I thought there is no other place in the world I can live other than here…there were times I felt I wanted to separate and you were pulling me back…I was angry at you, resentful. There were also times I thought of you a lot, I missed you when I saw you in a movie scene…for everybody else it was a movie scene, for me, it was life. Now we are apart, nut always connected. Maybe I have changed, or maybe I have never truly belonged to you. Now I am happy elsewhere but I will always carry a piece of you with me, I will always stay connected with you – I just cannot be with you anymore. I think I even love you – in my own way. Hope you understand. Dear New York…

March 22, 2014

“The City” – The Only City? 

You thought it was the only possible life, and it wasn’t

You thought this was the only city you could love, and it wasn’t

You thought you couldn’t breath elsewhere and also couldn’t breath there, and you could

You thought there was no way out, but there was

You are now invisible in this crowd, they don’t even know you felt the same way they did, you lived the same way they did, you moved on the same way they did

March, 2014

San Francisco

Restaurants: Globe, Plouf or Cafe Bastille in Maden Lane.

Bars: Cafe Tosca (oldest bar in San Francisco), Vesuvios. Both are on North beach.

Top Experiences

  • Restaurants:

    Lavo, Spotted Pig, La Esquina, Grammercy tavern, Kittichai (and the roof top hotel bar),
    Hotel Girafou, Morandi, Sushi Samba, Hillstone (amazing artichokes, spinach dip and ribs!!)

  • Corner bistro or burger joint for burgers.
  • Best steak:

    go to Peter Lugers just across bridge in Brooklyn by cab, and make sure to get Porterhouse.

  • Brunch:

    Clinton st. baking co-get the lobster benedict and pancakes, also Sarabeths is good.