Looking for an Island in the Pacific Islands

Imagine yourself flying for 2 days to come to the Islands in the middle of nowhere…Vanuatu is one of the Island countries in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And then imagine being told there is no beach in the center of Vanuatu and that you have to go to an Island?! “But I AM on an Island and one that is in the middle of the ocean”. Then imagine taking a ferry to reach to a smaller island across and imagine still not finding a beach and being told “there is pool”!!

What are we doing to the planet we are living, how come we are taking all the beauty out of it. And then making movies like “plant of the Apes, Wall E, Children of Men” to show that we are very conscious of our path to destruction?! Go figure! What looks beautiful from distance, sometimes start showing its true colors when zoomed in.

Vanuatu should be the very definition of an island! An island is a piece of land surrounded by the ocean, which implies there are beaches all around.

But the reality of the Pacific islands, not just Vanuatu, is that you need to go to an Island as the villagers of the ‘mainland’ call it. When you stand on an island that you can walk around in 10 min, you call the bigger island with the village and airport or port as the mainland, when you are in one of the island countries, you refer to NZ or Australia as the mainland and when you are in these ‘big islands’ you call Asia as the mainland…Mainland is a moving target, a perception based on where you stand!

November 2017

My weekend getaway in Vanuatu (where is that? It is a Pacific island country, see the last pic)
Opinions: You may not be able to tell if you are in the Caribbean or the Pacific. The world started to look all the same-maybe it is because it is my 108th country or because the whole world eats the same junk food, listens to the same music, constructs the same buildings, wears the same clothes!!
In search of a different or exotic or unique or authentic or simply a genuine place, I am heading to Fiji to spend my Sunday 🙂

Please note:

– Port Vila is a boring downtown, with no beaches. The closest beach is xx resort on a small island across the market place in downtown
– Nothing happens on Sundays, no tour operator works, etc bare in mind while planning your days in these small pacific islands

Top Experiences

  • Good reef diving with deep blue scuba